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Dear colleagues,

We would like to cordially invite you to the regular Auxins and Cytokinins in Plant Development Symposium (ACPD 2023), which will be held in Prague from 25–29 June 2023. ACPD 2023 will be the tenth in a row, and for 2023 we have decided to emphasize the role of these two important key phytohormones in plant response to ever-changing environmental conditions. We hope to create an informal atmosphere that will inspire both our friendly groups of auxin and cytokinin experts and other experts in plant developmental biology. Despite the difficulties associated with anti-covid restrictions in recent two years, several papers have recently been completed describing unique discoveries in the field of auxin carrier structures and some surprising players in the rapid action of auxin. In the case of cytokinins, the inspiration is certainly to be found in their important role in the multiple responses of plants to environmental factors, providing an opportunity for targeted DNA editing of plant genomes. We look forward to bringing to Prague the full spectrum of scientists behind these original results and, as usual, to launching new original collaborative projects. We would also like to prepare some surprises of scientific and social nature.

Do not forget to mark the date of ACPD 2023 and contact us if you have any questions or inspiration.

On behalf of the organizers

Klara Hoyerova and Jan Petrasek


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